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We're a strategic guide on your journey towards reaching your technology destination.
We are a full-service IT Consulting Firm centered in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. Our consultancy firm is results driven with expertise in technology innovation, digitalization, and cyber resilience. For over thirty years, we have delivered cost-effective transformative technology solutions for clients in various industries, including Professional Services, Energy, Media/Publishing, Non-profits, Design and Education.
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Specialty Areas
Strategic Planning - An IT roadmap defines your technology vision and creates a strategic roadmap for using information technology, digital assets, and technical knowledge to create organizational value and achieve growth.
CyberSecurity - We work with firms and businesses to protect their data and technical systems against cyber attacks, as well as provide IT solutions to prevent and remedy hacking, theft or data breach incidents.
Digital Transformation - We provide a strategy to change how your business leverages technology, people and processes to improve business performance. We review all areas of the business including sales, marketing, operations and customer service and technology.
Business Continuity - We will help you through the steps for building and executing a plan that is right for your business. We will provide you a comprehensive and actionable plan, not just for IT systems, but for your overall business.
Change Management - Our services include an array of innovative tools and resources that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation. It ensures new technologies are not only configured and deployed but embraced by employees and used as intended.
Project Management - We help you define, plan and execute technology projects to meet your business goals while ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and add value to your organization.
Information Governance - We are legally trained and can help you and your organization with all areas of information governance and data protection. We will assess your organization's needs, identify areas of weakness, and provide you with a prioritized plan.