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Affordable CIO can help your business

deliver cost-effective transformative technology solutions. Our expertise, mindset and ambition results in a wider strategy – to change your technology capabilities from within.
IT is an investment that can help unlock your business
We’ve developed key areas to make the most impact when we partner with your business – seeing the big picture with transformative IT solutions.
We partner with your organization to support you in the following areas:


IT Consulting Services
Our IT consulting services enable organizations to tap into our multidisciplinary expertise. From board level advisory, assisting business-critical technology functions to implementing wider technology-enabled change for your organization. Our services are flexible and adapt to the needs of your business, so you can grow with confidence.

We offer stand-alone strategic advice and strategy development to help you map out transformation for your business, with clear actionable steps. Working with trusted partners, we solve technology challenges and bring established expertise to identify the requirements your business really needs. Whether you need a single consultancy to solve a specific problem, or one that builds into ongoing relationships with other partners, Affordable CIO helps your organization take positive steps with strategic action.
We all face problems and Affordable CIO is here to help your business overcome theirs – we provide expert guidance on:
  • Cyber security, governance and risk assessment.
  • Review of managed services requirements and agreements.
  • Cloud services, consultancy and assessment.
  • IT Assessment conducted by IT audit professionals.
  • Review and development of policies and procedures to ensure your business is compliant.
  • Communications and collaboration platforms.
  • Organizational change to guide and support successful onboarding and adoption.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery planning to identify and address resiliency between business process and technology.
  • Team development to build the right technology team structure for your organization.
  • Virtual CIO and senior leadership advisory, including board level representation.
  • Experience in the legal and professional services vertical.
Virtual CIO Services
There is a clear need to have a senior technology executive who can successfully bridge between IT and corporate strategy to align the two. Our goal is to partner with you and provide reasonable rates that will be beneficial for your business. We deliver our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) Services in several ways:
  • Individual Contributor: Skilled vCIO who serves as sole technologist on a flexible basis.
  • Lead Contributor with Team Support: Skilled vCIO but calls on supporting resources as needed and agreed upon.
  • Project-based Role: vCIO primarily involved in a specific key project.
  • Board Advisory Role: Experienced vCIO provides insight to the board.
  • Coaching for the internal team: vCIO can support development of internal team.
Strategic Transformation
We will perform an in-depth assessment to help you understand your current capabilities. Together we will create a roadmap to take your technology from an operational business function to an agile ecosystem that unlocks value and innovation across your entire business. By enabling your internal efficiency and capacity for both cultural connections and customer engagement, we will elevate your edge over the competition, while ensuring your business is better equipped to face the future.

As your strategic guide on this journey, we embed ourselves at the executive level to co-author a path forward with stakeholders and build our plan of action around your highest priorities. With your objectives in focus, and a solid foundation steering all efforts, we provide your whole business with a technological roadmap to strive towards.
To make transformation tangible, we follow a three-phased approach:
1. Uncover the technology landscape
  • Discovery group and 1:1 sessions
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews
  • Risk assessment and analysis of technology lifecycles
  • Reviewing existing technology investment and allocation
  • Understanding operational structures and maturity
2. Deep understanding
  • Deep-dive into core areas of interest
  • Technology team mind-mapping exercises
  • Cloud readiness assessment
3. Delivering the future

Build a strategic, prioritized plan of action. Consisting of:
  • Outcomes
  • Recommendations
  • 12 - 36 month visual roadmap
  • Budgetary guidance
Cyber Security Strategy
Cybersecurity is constantly changing, and threats and vulnerabilities relating to businesses emerge daily. One way to secure your company's assets is to maintain awareness of the vulnerabilities in your business environment, and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats.

Starting off with a cyber assessment, we use the industry recognized National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework to evaluate your cyber security maturity and posture. This enables us to reveal potential gaps and threats, and identify the end goal we’re collectively working towards. Armed with details relating to your current capabilities and objectives, we will develop a strategic plan for the road ahead while building an array of cyber security solutions to help make our shared vision a reality. You can rest easy in the safe knowledge that your assets are fully protected for today, and your roadmap is resilient for tomorrow.
Let's Talk to find out how our services can be tailored around your technology strategy.